Exploring Korean Festivals: “2024 KOREA BEAUTY FESTIVAL”

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Korea Beauty Festival 2024

Hello everyone! Today, I’m going to introduce you to the ‘Korea Beauty Festival’. This festival is a special event where you can see Korea’s beauty trends all in one place. Let’s dive right in!

1. Introduction to the Korea Beauty Festival

The Korea Beauty Festival is an annual event held to showcase Korea’s beauty and fashion to the world. It’s a great opportunity to experience the charm of K-beauty through various beauty programs and events. This year, there are many programs specifically for international tourists, so expectations are high!

Korea Beauty Festival 2024

2. Festival Overview

2-1. Festival Period and Location

The festival runs from June 1 to June 30, 2024, across major areas of Seoul including Gwanghwamun, Hongdae, Seongsu, and Myeongdong​ (Homepage | KCCUK)​​

Korea Beauty Festival 2024: map

2-2. Main Events and Programs

  • Gwanghwamun: From June 1 to June 2, enjoy wellness tourism experiences and K-medical & beauty programs utilizing the latest AI technology.
  • Hongdae: From June 1 to June 9, receive styling and makeup services from K-beauty experts.
  • Seongsu: From June 1 to June 30, get fashion recipe recommendations and have a photo shoot.
  • Myeongdong: From June 17 to June 30, enjoy K-beauty shopping and various events​

Korea Beauty Festival 2024: program

(Homepage | KCCUK)​​

2-3. Admission and Viewing Information

Most events are free, but some programs might require prior reservations. Detailed information can be found on the official website​ (Homepage | KCCUK)​​

Korea Beauty Festival 2024: program

3. 3. Information about the Festival Locations

3-1. Main Tourist Attractions in the Area

  • Gwanghwamun: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Cheonggyecheon Stream
  • Hongdae: Vibrant youth culture, various cafes and street performances
  • Seongsu: Unique cafes and galleries
  • Myeongdong: Shopping paradise

3-2. Accommodation and Restaurant Recommendations

  • Gwanghwamun: Four Seasons Hotel, Korean restaurants near Gyeongbokgung
  • Hongdae: Trendy guesthouses, various eateries
  • Seongsu: Hip cafes and restaurants
  • Myeongdong: Various hotels and eateries

For accommodation tips, be sure to check out HB’s previous posts! 😊

3-3. Transportation Guide

Seoul’s subway and bus systems are well-connected, making it easy to travel between the festival locations. Especially, Myeongdong and Hongdae are easily accessible from major tourist spots.

4. Visiting Tips

  • Pre-Book: Some popular programs require advance booking. Detailed information can be found on the official website​ (Homepage | KCCUK)​​
  • Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothes to enjoy various activities.
  • Prepare a Transportation Card: It’s convenient to have a transportation card for public transport.

5. Actual Visit Reviews

5-1. [Gwanghwamun] “Korea Beauty Festival” – Health & Wellness Festival at Gwanghwamun Square!

source: https://blog.naver.com/kkuk_dream/223466434337

Summary of the Blog Post

As summer approaches, the weather is getting warmer, but it also means there are more fun activities to enjoy. Today, I want to share my experience at the Korea Beauty Festival held in Gwanghwamun. The event was filled with various booths and activities ranging from Hallyu content, idol makeup, VR and AI photo experiences, to Taekwondo experiences. I personally tried the AI photo experience, and it was really fun. Additionally, there was an event at the information center where you could collect stickers on a fan to receive a gift; I got a travel-sized toothpaste and toothbrush set.

Korea Beauty Festival 2024: Gwanghwamun

The festival wasn’t just about beauty experiences; there were also consultations with plastic surgeons, events and gifts from cosmetic companies, and regional promotions. Most activities started from 2 PM, so since I visited during lunchtime, I couldn’t participate in many activities but enjoyed walking around and looking at the well-decorated square.

Korea Beauty Festival 2024: Gwanghwamun

The event in Gwanghwamun Square lasted for three days, and other areas in Seoul are planning various events as well. Hair makeup in Hongdae, fashion in Seongsu, and reward events in Myeongdong are scheduled. I’m looking forward to what other events will be held in Gwanghwamun Square next time. If you have the chance, I recommend participating in these events!

source: https://blog.naver.com/kkuk_dream/223466434337

5-2. 2024 Korea Beauty Festival (June 1 – June 30 / Myeongdong / Seongsu / Hongdae / Gwanghwamun / Gangnam

source: https://blog.naver.com/abou20/223465181731

Summary of the Blog Post

This time, I want to introduce the Korea Beauty Festival! This event will take place in various locations throughout Seoul in June, promoting K-beauty to international visitors.

The main spots for the event are Hongdae, Seongsu, and Myeongdong. In Hongdae, you can get makeup and hair retouching, in Seongsu, you can enjoy personal styling and fashion photoshoots, and in Myeongdong, there are various shopping and event opportunities. Each location offers unique experiences and purchasing opportunities, so if you’re interested, make sure to participate!

Korea Beauty Festival 2024: Myeongdong

The Korea Beauty Festival is an excellent opportunity for those interested in K-beauty. For more detailed information, please check the official website.

source: https://blog.naver.com/abou20/223465181731

6. Conclusion

I hope you can make it to the Korea Beauty Festival this year! It’s an amazing chance to dive into the world of K-beauty, soak up some Korean culture, and make some unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a beauty junkie or just curious, there’s something for everyone. Can’t wait to see you there! Enjoy your K-beauty adventure!

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