A Candid Review of the Cost-effective Accommodation ‘THE CAPSULE Myeongdong’ in Seoul

Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by HB

Today, I’m going to write a vivid review of the THE CAPSULE Myeongdong where I stayed for 2 nights and 3 days during my trip to Seoul.

‘THE CAPSULE Myeongdong’

It’s <THE CAPSULE Myeongdong> located near Myeongdong.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong

I was worried because people said in the reviews that it was scary since it was located in a very secluded area, but it wasn’t as scary as I thought since there were more people than expected.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong : front

On the first day, I was tired and went at 3 o’clock, and luckily they said the cleaning was finished and let me check in early 🥹🥹

➡️Working hours: 11 am – 6 pm

➡️Facility cleaning time: 12 pm – 4 pm

➡️Check-in time: 4 pm onwards

➡️Check-out deadline: 12 pm (exceptions)

➡️After 11 pm, the main entrance of the facility is automatically locked. (You must check the entrance password)

They said you have to do a self-check-in after 6 pm since there are no staff.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong

All floors from 1st to 5th are capsule rooms.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong

​The rooms on the 1st floor seem a bit noisy.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong

As I went up to the 4th floor I was guided to, I saw a locker where I could put my large luggage.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong

I came up to the room number guided by the staff. The capsule has 1st and 2nd floors, and luckily, it was on the 1st floor!!

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong

Here’s the inside of the capsule! I didn’t expect much after reading reviews saying that the hygiene was a mess, but it seems to be quite decent?

Of course, the sheets and blankets have been used before.

There was one bath towel on the bed. In case of consecutive nights, they didn’t refill the towel, but I could keep using the same capsule.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong
THE CAPSULE Myeongdong

The tablet is supposed to show the current availability of restrooms and showers, but it’s not always accurate.

And one switch is for the light, and the other is for the ventilation fan. The ventilation fan is really loud, but it’s stuffy if you don’t turn it on.

It was nice that each capsule had a device to lock the door.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong : bath room

And after reading the reviews, people said it was scary to go to the restroom at night… It was indeed scary when the lights were off. I thought it would be inconvenient since there’s only one, but it wasn’t that uncomfortable.

The hygiene condition was average.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong : shower room
THE CAPSULE Myeongdong : shower room

And about the shower room!!!

I was worried because there were only 4 stalls, but luckily there was no need to wait or overlapping use. It’s a unisex shower room, so I ran into a foreign gentleman while drying my hair after taking a shower. It was awkward, but we both pretended not to see each other.

There are extra towels in front of the shower room. If you go late at night or in the morning, there are no towels available.

 There is a hairdryer. Shampoo and body wash are available.

THE CAPSULE Myeongdong Overall Review

The inside of the capsule was cleaner than I thought, so it was decent enough. 

You should take into account a certain level of noise due to the nature of a capsule hotel.

The lack of a trash can in the restroom was inconvenient.

However, it’s quite affordable, so it’s worth usingㅎㅎ

It might be difficult for those who are very concerned about hygiene to use it.

I didn’t focus too much on just sleeping, so it wasn’t too bad for me.

This is the end of my review for THE CAPSULE Myeongdong!!