Perfect for Itaewon visitors! ‘Hamilton Hotel Itaewon’, located in a great spot in Seoul

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I recently visited Hamilton Hotel Itaewon in Seoul.

Located in the heart of Itaewon, Hamilton has always intrigued me, and surprisingly, it was cleaner and the interior was better than I expected!

This thorough post will help answer any questions for those of you visiting Seoul’s Hamilton Hotel, so please read until the end and enjoy 🙂

Now, let’s go meet Hamilton Hotel Itaewon!

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon, 179 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

⏰ Check-in 3:00 PM / Check-out 11:00 AM

Hamilton Hotel Exterior & Interior

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon : exterior

This is the famous Hamilton Hotel Itaewon.

I’ve always seen this hotel when visiting Itaewon and was curious about it. I finally got to visit it now, haha!

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon : interior

We went to check in at the Hamilton Hotel Itaewon around 4-5 PM, and there were more guests than we expected.

The interior of Hamilton has a quite old-fashioned design, so it did give off a somewhat outdated vibe. And the staff at Hamilton Hotel Itaewon were friendly, and the interior of the hotel was on the clean side.

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon

This is the hallway on the floor we were assigned. The corridors at Hamilton Hotel Itaewon had a somewhat gloomy atmosphere. Although I knew it was an old Itaewon hotel, I must admit, the hallway was a bit scary when I first saw it 😀 Hoping the room would be alright, we entered our room.

Room Condition

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon : room

Contrary to my concerns, the inside of the Hamilton Hotel room was quite clean! There were no unpleasant smells or areas that felt dirty, which was a relief.

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon : room

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon : room

The TV inside the room was somewhat old, but there were still quite a few channels to watch. You can see there’s a table and sofa where you can eat takeout with friends, right? Also, the window was larger than expected, and it was nice that the sunlight came in well.

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon : view from room

It’s a beautiful view overlooking Itaewon! In the evening, it seemed like we could watch the sunset directly from Seoul Hamilton Hotel. However, be cautious as the window frames might be a bit dirty.

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon : room

Also, basic toiletries were neatly provided at Hamilton Hotel. Disposable toothbrushes, toothpaste, cotton swabs, etc. were available, so you don’t need to bring them separately – just a heads up! Oh, and the hairdryer is right next to them, haha!

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon
Hamilton Hotel Itaewon
Hamilton Hotel Itaewon

Amenities such as robes, slippers, a safe, and chargers are provided.

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon

There was also a refrigerator at Hamilton Hotel Itaewon. The refrigerator was on the smaller side, but it was large enough to store a small amount of food. They also provided two bottles of water.

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon

The bathroom at Hamilton Hotel was clean as well. Although I thought it might have an odor because it’s an old place, surprisingly, there was no bathroom smell and it was nice! The shower booth at the Itaewon hotel is on the smaller side, but the hot water came out well when showering, and there were no issues.

Hamilton Hotel Itaewon

Lastly, let’s talk about the hotel amenities. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion. The amenities provided were similar to those in a typical hotel. The lotion was fragrance-free, which was good, but it didn’t seem to be very moisturizing.

Overall, the heating worked well, and the cleanliness was good, so there were no inconveniences. The view overlooking Itaewon was quite nice as well. The rooms appeared to be in better condition than the exterior. It’s a good hotel in Seoul for a short one-night stay when visiting Itaewon.

🚘 Parking Lot

Hotel parking is free. (However, the parking spaces are narrow, so be careful not to have an accident!)

🧡 Overall Review

  1. Cleaner-than-expected room condition.

: Unlike the exterior, the rooms were generally clean without any unpleasant parts. The bathroom was clean, and the hotel had a nice view!

  1. Great location in the heart of Itaewon.

: Hamilton Hotel is right in front of the station, so it’s convenient to visit the hotel and there are plenty of places to eat and play nearby.

It’s in a great location for friends to come and have a drink together.